Dear friends, let's start with the news.

1 | Early Access Release Date

It is very unpleasant for us to tell the news that we cannot confirm the planned release date. We still have unresolved issues with Steam, and our expectations regarding the speed of resolving these issues, as it turns out, do not align at all with reality. Therefore, we will announce the date only after all issues have been resolved.

2 | Veteran Awards

During PT#7, we held a challenge, with the "Veteran" title as a reward. The requirements were as follows:

  • to become a "Veteran," you needed to have on your account a character:
    • created no earlier than 00:00 02/16/2024 (GMT+0);
    • with level above 15.15;
    • with the second or higher tier of any Vocation;
    • 4 additive abilities of any level.

We promised to think about how to make the rewards unique, and here is our decision:

  • each Veteran account will receive 6 zlatys;
  • which can be used to purchase unique skins:
    • head;
    • chest;
    • legs;
    • gloves;
    • 1H sword;
    • 2H sword;

They will look like this:

According to preliminary estimates, there are about 60 such accounts. The list of characters will be published later.

3 | Update

In-game changes

  • Castle Elixirs:
    • duration significantly changed;
    • elixirs added up to T7;
    • system of bills added for obtaining elixirs;
    • "seasonal" bill offers added;
    • in short:
      • before introducing mechanics involving high GvG resource requirements (metal, wood, stone), requirements for these resources are transferred to elixirs;
      • NPC "Settlement Manager" accepts these resources and issues vouchers of 3 types (for metal, wood, and stone);
      • then these vouchers are exchanged for elixirs by another NPC, thus confirming the guild's right to own the castle.
  • Property:
    • increased the number of inventory slots for all rooms;
    • increased real estate costs;
    • each room has 1 chest that combines all slots;
  • Parcels:
    • unconventional approach to DVB: large balances, very slow price rollback, and increased maximum cost upon price increase;
    • reduced experience gain on T1 parcels by 30%;
  • Rewards for game versions:
    • introduced character inspection window design based on the game version;
    • added NPCs with cosmetics and the application of said cosmetics to in-game items;
    • gradual addition of content to the reward shop;
    • fixes regarding fabric simulation and other visual errors on skins;
  • Party:
    • display of a party marker above the character;
    • fixed:
      • party disbandment/high group creation delay on the server during transitions;
      • leadership transfer issues, including party leader leaving;
      • issues related to members leaving the party;
      • issues related to disbanding a group whose members are on different servers;
    • overall party data transmission and operation speed;
  • Fixed:
    • quest errors, quest givers/pickers, including various Vocations and abilities;
    • disappearance of certain buffs upon logout;
  • Changed:
    • item breakage types;
    • guild capital threshold values determining its level, registration cost, and renaming;
  • Added:
    • types of non-droppable items;
    • map markers for various objects, including quests;

Technical changes

  • Chat:
    • added quick commands for sending messages to specific channels, regardless of the open tab with the channel;
    • the collapsed chat now consists of a message input line with a saved channel preset for sending messages;
  • Fixed:
    • server crash, which led to over 80% of server crashes on PT#7;
    • game login error when clicking the "Login" button independently in the menu;
    • shadow settings error;
  • Added:
    • welcome window on the Island notifying about restrictions and providing a basic description of the rules of the tutorial location;
    • text notifications reminding about the current game version and, consequently, the incompleteness of certain mechanics;
  • Changed:
    • character backup timeout is now 10 minutes;
    • AFK timeout is now 15 minutes;
    • logout timeout reduced to 10 seconds;
    • allowed number of AI increased by 34%;
    • AI despawn timeout increased;
    • prohibition on certain operations with non-empty containers (recipe books and token books);
    • revised Left/Right Mouse Button usage when working with trade/crafting/post-processing windows;
    • fonts to support localization in various languages;
  • Optimization:
    • server (garbage collector);
    • client (excessive loading range of ΒΌ levels);
    • service speed (server manager, queue server).

Cosmetic changes

  • Added:
    • new icons for abilities, certain items;
    • ability to change materials on NPC clothing without changing the model itself, similar to player clothing;
    • display of profession icons in the character selection window;
  • Changed:
    • environmental sound playback periods in the world depending on the time of day;
    • water material.