Dear friends!

1 | Character and guild name reservation

The first thing we’d like to mention is that you’ll be able to reserve character and guild names until 03/24/2024, inclusive.

You can do it in your personal account on the website. Please, read the reservation rules beforehand.

2 | Monetization

As many of you have learned from our official Discord server, forum, and Steam Hub, in 2023 we decided that there were no reasons for changing our monetization model to P2P after the transition from Early Access to release.

Here’s why (main reasons):

  • the core mechanics of the project require a consistent player base;
  • we realise that a P2P project should be if not absolutely unique but at least close to the class of AAA games;

3 | Compensation for early pre-order packs

Until 02/29/2024, when making an Early Pre-Order (EP) on our website, users could be guided by the availability of "Free Months of Gameplay" sets when transitioning to P2P monetization.

We have long thought about what compensation to offer to EP buyers and have decided:

  • We will not make promises about content that will appear in the future;
  • We have also decided to forego any in-game items that even indirectly impact the balance:
    • whether it be regular bags (containers), kettles for brewing powders, or starter items;
  • because we want equal conditions for all players.

Additionally, our team highly appreciates the support that the community has provided during project development (mainly through their attention and faith in it). Therefore, we want to offer the following compensation to all EP purchasers for whom the free months of gameplay were essential:

  • x2 additional character slots;
    • 2x instead of 1x for the Black Knight;
    • 4x instead of 2x for the Banneret;
    • 6x instead of 3x for the Raubritter;
  • x3 ROG Points, which can be used to buy social elements (selectable skins and social animations):
    • 120 RP instead of 40 for the Black Knight;
    • 180 RP instead of 60 for the Banneret;
    • 240 RP instead of 80 for the Raubritter.

4 | Other ways of compensation

Beside that, those who think that this type of compensation for EP is insufficient we offer:

  • refund all the money and get a free copy of the game that is one grade lower that it is (all reserved character and guild names will be retained, but other privileges won’t);
    • e.g: you bought the “Raubritter” EP, you get a refund and you receive a “Banneret” version of the game;

For the “Raubritter LTD” EP owners (the pack with merch) we have these ways of compensation:

  • replace this EP on 1x Raubritter EP and 1x Raubritter game copy;
  • refund all money and get 1x Raubritter game copy (all reserved character and guild names will be retained);

About the gift pack and its shipment:

  • the production of merch will happen in April, it’s shipping in the beginning of summer;
  • the shipments costs are paid for by the receiver, unforeseen conditions (loss or destruction) will be taken care for by the sender;


  • Early Pre-Order should be made before 02/29/2024 (inclusive);
  • A refund application should be filed before 03/24/2024 (inclusive);
  • You can file a refund by following this link;

5 | Conclusion

We hope that the compensation ways we offer will satisfy those who are going to buy EP packs.

We really do value the community that our project has managed to gather and we hope to meet all of you across the expanses of Dwarrhan.

Next time we’ll tell you about Veteran rewards and even show you some.

ROG’ums Up!