Hello everyone!

As you already know, we failed to release the game in Early Access on the date we had planned because of a situation unexpected to any of us (follow the Discord link for more details).

We’ve set the preliminary date for March 28. But we’ll only confirm it once we’ve dealt with all the issues related to Steam.

Within several days, we’ll publish some answers to the questions that the players have been asking related to compensations for pre-order packs in terms of a shift in our monetization model (no P2P after the release of the game).

We’ll also talk about the rewards for the Veterans.

Now onto the game changes.

Technical Changes:

  • Fixed:
    • a number of problems related to fonts in different languages;
    • deleting of real estate when deleting a character;
    • boss lost invulnerability after returning to the spawn spot;
    • craft station collisions (cauldrons, etc.);
  • Visuals:
    • fixed the issue related to night sounds playing during daytime;

In-game Changes:

  • Fixed:
    • golem had invulnerability if the minions were still alive (wasn’t intended;
    • Dwarrhan: deleted old metal spawners, added several missing resource spawners;
    • a number of errors in quests and quest lines, including the turned off option to group kill hard enemies such as bosses;
  • Changed:
    • the equip requirements of 90% of blank items: the progression is smoother at the beginning, but becomes steeper after T4;
    • quest equipment on the Island is still of good quality but is now somewhere between “HHH” T1 and T2;
    • revised the stats of cauldrons and pouches;
    • increased the headshot bonus in PvP for ranged weapon and magic;
    • Living Mushroom now always drops some loot, chance of dropping its trophy has been increased from x2 to x6 depending on its level;
    • troll: drops less blood on low levels and more blood on low levels;
    • увеличены: стоимость регистрации гильдии и пороги УК гильдии;
    • teleporting around Dwarrhan now has the full set of restrictions;
  • Added:
    • quest game items:
      • several quests that give experience and work as simple fetch quests;
    • Restrictions to leaving Rivulet Island:
      • The Island Tax (progressive tax that increases with every character that’s paid it);
      • Restriction to teleport from the island with raw materials, materials, post materials and trophies that have 100% chance of being dropped on death;
    • 1H with shield:
      • ability to hit while blocking;
      • different types of weapons have varied efficiency when making such hits;
      • blocking costs 50% less stamina;
      • blocking is 50% faster;

RoG’ums Up!