Dear friends!

This patch note includes information about the first week's updates, including the one we released today.

Game Changes:

  • Added:
    • Field cauldrons now brew more powders. Public cauldrons only yield 25 powders per brewing;
    • Several refiner and post-processor NPCs;
  • Changed:
    • Powders of levels 2+ received a buff of damage, a change of CD and mana usage;
    • Increased the price at which vendors buy powders;
    • Prices and accessibility of certain crafting ingredients;
    • All NPCs take a zero count tax;
    • Herb spawners: changed spawn rates, added new types of herbs;
    • Named bosses: increased stats, turned off XP gains, increased their respawn time, added respawn time offset, decreased their roam area, and increased the size of black territories around their spawn points;
    • golem received a buff to its walking speed;
    • stickman received a buff to HP and Magic Defense;
    • wolf doesn’t push as hard anymore, decreased the chance and strength of critical hits;
    • mobs near Harbur village got debuffed to be comparable to the mobs in the northern part of Rivulet Island;
    • Vocation quests were made reusable;
  • Fixed:
    • Stats and requirements of a number of enchantments and items, as well as item types, that made them unusable or impossible to enchant;
    • Added missing or lacking powder tiers and recipes, including crafting recipes;
    • Issue with prices caused by several vendors having the same DVB ID;
    • Refiner NPCs don’t cheat anymore: turned off the hidden DVB price growth;
    • A number of issues related to quests;

Tech Changes:


  • Level markers near immersive nameplates that display the level difference between the target and the character;
  • SFX for the interaction between light and environment;
  • GMs are now able to kick and ban players off the servers;
  • Changed the scale of castle siege UI;
  • New weapon icons;
  • Changed:
    • “Take all” is now bound to just “E”, not “hold E”;
  • Fixed:
    • Client crashes related to UI: UI reset, NPC interaction, P2P trade;
    • Server crashes related to abilities;
    • Issues related to abilities disappearing from the ability list when transferring between servers;
    • Permanent invisibility after using abilities that grant invisibility;
    • Errors related to actions bound to “Esc” key;
    • Immersive nameplate errors emerging after Seamless transitions and teleportation;
    • Enabled magic AI projectiles;
    • AIs are no longer able to go beyond their spot;
    • Hair artifacts occurring on certain graphics settings;
  • Optimized:
    • NPC interaction;