Dear friends,

Unfortunately, we hadn’t managed to prepare this patch as scheduled. So, only about 15% of existing abilities were added to the project. The main issues that we are fixing at the moment are quests and quest rewards that give abilities.

Bear in mind that during PT #3, the team is working quickly, meaning that most changes enter the build after not being thoroughly tested. Even adding Vocations had to be mixed with fixing more serious issues that were revealed during this test.

Thank you for your understanding.


  • Instance-to-Instance transition (test version):
    • on the right side of the location name, there’s a button that brings up a window to send an instance transition request;
    • there, you should enter the ID of the instance to transfer to;
    • the ID of your instance can be found in this window;
    • you may learn the other ID from your friend or send them yours;
  • Vocations:
    • max level Vocation limits were turned off temporarily;
    • when you join a Vocation, you receive one main ability, but you can also get 1-2 additional abilities from the quest giver in Harbur;
    • added the interface to choose from multiple available additional abilities;
  • Crafting:
    • added crafting stations in Isgollyne; in Harbur, moved them to the central square;
    • fixed the issues of recipes and blank items;
    • enchantment recipes were simplified for the purposes of PT due to ingredients being too hard to find;
    • for testing purposes, the random generation of rare metals was made visible during processing;
    • fixed the issue when rare metal ingot icons were not visible when split or merged;
  • General balance:
    • increased XP rates for characters of levels 1-15 three times, and for levels 15-30 - two times;
    • increased the DPS of items for characters at levels 1-15, which also makes leveling easier;
      • level 8.8 can be reached in 15 minutes after leaving the Tutorial Tavern;
  • Weapon balance: in the final days of tests, we dramatically changed the approach to weapon physics and stats;
    • 2h weapon physics was made more “comfortable”;
    • crossbow bolt speed was decreased five times, and the trajectory curve magnified six times;
    • magic: projectile speed was decreased 1,5 - 3 times depending on the element;
    • melee weapon damage was increased by 3-25%, including the change in randomization ranges;
    • magic damage was increased by 25-100% depending on powder level;
  • AI:
    • named mobs give 8 times less experience, still didn’t manage to fix their navigation;
    • castle guard was made 2 times weaker;
    • all AIs no longer can receive tech buffs;
    • the number of active buff slots was limited to 1 - 3;
    • enabled the test version of mob projectile avoidance system;
  • UI:
    • changes in general: the UI was made less obtrusive, allowed customization;
    • added UI customization in main HUD:
      • to try it, press the “tool” button in the upper right corner of the screen;
      • HP/MP/Energy;
      • Passive buffs;
      • Active buffs;
      • Hotbar;
      • the button also allows to quickly change graphic quality presets and reset UI element positions;
    • removed interface underlays from wherever it was possible;
    • chat and battle log were made transparent until hovered over by a cursor; battle log was moved to the right side;
    • HP/MP numbers were set on by default (press LMB on the bar to toggle);
    • ability icons were refactored;
  • Changed:
    • castle elixir filling length was increased to 1 hour of real time for the common elixir and 6 hours for the royal elixir;
    • vegetation: tweaked the collisions of ground objects to improve the navigation;
    • a number of VXFs had their emission turned down;
  • Fixed:
    • (rare) server crash when someone duped items;
    • issues with leaving real estate rooms;
    • client crash when casting magic on castle gates;
    • Seamless zone VFX on middle graphics settings;

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