First report in the new year and at the same time the report №17 is on the air!

Happy holidays to all and let’s talk again about the ROG development.

And this time, we will show a bit of the new content and tell about the first step of pre-Alpha on PTR.

So, let’s start!

Animations of guards with crossbow

Called a player but underestimated him

A player came closer and started to fight


The weapon will be dropped after death.

[By the way, ...]

If there is time to approach a target guards will make an aimed shot. It’s almost impossible to dodge such shot. Only bounce at the perfect moment can help. Also, aimed shot has a possibility of headshot that leads to the critical damage on the target.

In the case of armoured target the guard will prefer targeted shooting at the legs to immobilize an aim. The armour is valuated at the equipped items, so for warriors would be better to put a robe over a cuirass)

In the case of still target the guard will shoot offhand.


II 3D models


With boots it seems pretty easy - just look.

III Mobs


It’s more difficult, because we continue drafting to justify our Prototype wolves.

At one of the last times we showed a wolf with Nvidia Hairworks, that was greedy enough. Now we show a bear with polygonal fur.

Such fur will take 30% of GPU of the one character without hairs and 20% of one character with usual hairs, 15% of hippie character. It’s fine in general.

A bear is still in process because we need to smooth the dies with the fur. We do it by hand and the process is boring enough.

In common we are satisfied with the bear. It looks aggressive. Jaws will be animated. of course.

IV Conclusion

In conclusion we want to tell that on the 2nd of January of this year we added the first step of pre-Alpha on PTR at the cost of incredible devotion of our programmers.

We were ready to find many errors but its number after building astonished us.

One of the main problems is the lack of UDN - access to the direct communication of the engine developers.

After test build we had to remove a part of innovations or partly restrict its functional and also to write drivers to restrict an old functional that led to the breakage of innovations.

Nevertheless, we added to PTR server:

  1. New character model (man);
  2. Modular system of equip 2.0 (part of functional removed);
  3. More than 400 new animations (to replace the old ones and add the new poses);
  4. 17 UI elements;
  5. 89 new models of armour and weapons (visual settings of weapon are broken, as for the armour/clothes - ApexCloth);
  6. New effects of first-person camera including the changing of the height depending on the character pose;
  7. New dodge system.

At the end of this day we fixed 17 critical bugs (we will add it with the new patch). We also found the causes of 14 more bugs and we work on it. And there are few bugs which causes still aren’t clear for us.

As soon as we launch the patch we will announce full update.

Soon the new topic will appear on the forum. It will be preliminary step before moving to the new site. Preparation will concern all who have forum accounts. We will announce this topic few times to make sure that everyone know about it.

The report as short as this workweek.

It’s Friday evening - ROGgoms up, friends!

Yours sincerely,
Reign  of Guilds Team