Dear friends!

The main takeaway of the intermediate results is that our server manager system failed us. There was an error that did not make the server crash, but still prevented the players from connecting to it. Despite that error, the server persisted to report to the manager that it's working without any problems. Hence the predicament that occured on the weekends.

We did not encounter this error during Playtest #1 that's why we did not expect any "frozen" servers that should be rebooted manually. We intentionally let the servers work without supervision just to check the autonomy of the system. Whether it will manage to work without any outside administration.

As a result of this we will:

  • hold this Playtest for 2 more days (until February 9);
  • revise the approach of holding the Playtests: the initial days of the sessions will go under the supervision of the developers, the rest we will trust to the server manager;

On to the changes in the patches from 06/02/2023:

  • Server errors that made various items disappear from character's inventory when saving it in the DB;
  • Server error related to the usage of the token box & recipe book;
  • The server will work in the detailed logging mode;
  • Now AIs will not roam around the world until they've activated;

Addressing a frequent question regarding AIs and resources:

  • In the island there are:
    • 198 regular mobs:
      • Respawn time - 30s;
      • The further you go north, the stronger enemies you'll find. There are also fewer of them but they drop more loot;
    • 5 named mobs (+10 if we include the minions):
      • Respawn time - 15 min +/- 15% offset;
    • 800+ respawnable items of herbs/resources that are simultaneously scattered all over the island;

ROG’oms up!