Crafting: creating items and their quality. Part IV

Recently, we described the types of resources available in the Reign of Guilds world, their generation, influence of the Count’s policy on it, as well as characteristics of different types of resources (links). Now it is time of the final article about crafting to answer the question "What are all these resources for?"

The answer is quite obvious - to create game items.

Most items in Reign of Guilds will be created by players. These items include weapons, armor, costume jewelry and magic powders. The first three types of items are characterized by the quality system, that you could read about in the corresponding section of our website.

Characteristics of items, generation of which can be influenced in several ways, will be determined at crafting. But first we would like to tell you about the system of creating items.

Each item will have 3 quality levels - mediocre (M), ordinary (O) and high-quality (H).

The quality level of each item has 3 different parameters – characteristics, requirements and strength.

Item characteristics will directly affect its battle performance. While requirements will affect the number of attributes required to use the item.

Items with HHH quality parameters will appear in the game world extremely rarely. We can even say that this will be some "legendary" occasion. But we are totally against the strong influence of items on the character effectiveness. That is why the difference between item HHH and OOO will not be large... about 5%.

At this, the item strength parameter is very important. It says how quickly an item loses its effectiveness and how many times it can be repaired before it becomes unusable.

Of course, the more skilled craftsman does the repairs, the more repairs an item can have.

This system will help to avoid "eternal" items and the growth of relevant inflation.

Now a little about the crafting process. As you might have guessed, creating weapons and accessories will be a quality of a gunsmith character. Armor can be created only by a blacksmith. Accordingly, a magician can enchant armor and weapons, adding various useful modifiers to the item qualities. We should also note that, regardless of specialization, absolutely all characters with specialization will be able to create magical powders.

In order to create an item, a character must have necessary materials and an item recipe. Where to get the materials was covered in the previous articles. But the subject of recipes is covered for the first time.

Recipes can be obtained by killing mobs. Simple recipes will fall out from ordinary monsters, rare ones - from bosses. A variety of recipes (simple, rare) affects the quality of manufactured items. Recipes with a good bonus will be valuable for any crafter.

Moreover, all recipes will have a limited number of uses. In this case, the better the recipe bonus, the fewer times it can be used. All recipes collected by a player are stored in a specialized "recipe book".

But recipes are not the only way to influence the item quality. The quality will be also affected by the smithy level, recent character’s activity of creating an item and the ability used for crafting.

Once a day, any crafter can get a bonus to the crafting quality, create items without bonuses once per hour and penalties and craft items with a small penalty to quality all the time.

Things are a little different with magical powders. In order to create them, a character must have herbs, minerals, a pot and magical brushwood.

Herbs and minerals can be found in the open world. A pot can be purchased. Magical brushwood falls out of a special mob seen near villages and towns.

This is the final material about crafting in the Reign of Guilds world. We hope that we answered most of the questions on the system of creating items.

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Author: Grigoriy Lysov

Editor: Maksim Dvornikov, Yulia Sigaeva