Dear friends!

A big question of the last few days - our attitude to the XP abuse through logging out. Let’s start from the reverse side of the medal:

  • the game was launched without our additional user agreement, so everything is regulated by the Steam Subscriber Agreement:
    • Everyone can familiarize themselves with para. 4 to examine the list of violations that are the grounds for blocking in terms of "process tampering";
  • the zero degree of complexity and the set of actions that needed to be done by users in order to break the unstable foundation of the mechanics of the "PvE leveling" is so small that in most games is not even recognized as an abuse;

On the other hand, we want to initially create a normal relationship with the community, so that each of the players understands:

  • no matter how inconvenient our position may be due to the factors described above,
  • we have come up with a really interesting response for a group of people who are well aware of what they are doing:
    • the karma level is reduced to "Psycho" +100 points, i.e. the borderline between "Psycho" and "Ugly";
    • 15 times so that 250 karma costs at least 375k;
    • this counter will begin to gradually decrease after 30 days and by day 60 it will reach the normal 25k for 250 karma;
  • list of characters:
    • Кузьма
    • Хирург
    • flaber
    • Kvodnom
    • Lirina
    • Otinym
    • Sokol

The solution may seem controversial, but we see in it a benefit for the community, instead of just delevelling, or illegal blocking.