Dear friends!

It is finally time for us to launch Steam Playtest #4. As we have already stressed, most efforts were put into addressing the feedback that we received after PT #3. Including refactoring the problematic mechanics and adding new content in Dwarrhan, such as additive abilities for Vocations.

Soon, we are going to publish a brief FAQ that will tell more about the vision and certain assumptions regarding this PT and also the patch note.

The test is open:

We will host it using the Steam Playtest. It means that everyone applying will be granted access, be it before or during the testing session.

The session will last for 13 days:

from 17:00 (GMT+3) 05/07/2023 to 22:00 17/07/2023.


It’ll be Normal. Participants from the Steam playtest will be on the same server as those who received the keys earlier.

Locations available:

Tutorial Tavern, Rivulet Island, Daerkunn County;

Intermediate update:

We do not plan to release any intermediate updates apart from fixes.

ROG’oms Up!