• General questions
  • PvP, vocations and guilds
    • 1. How Class system works?
      • There are 14 professional schools in Reign of Guilds. After reaching the 16th level, the player may join any of them.

        There are universal schools (Assassin, Barbarian, Blacksmith and Thief), with an emphasis in physical development (Crusader, Gladiator, Hunter, Steel Master and Weaponsmith) and with an emphasis in magical development (Archmage, Druid, Enchanter, Inquisitor and Necromancer).

        You can find a detailed answer to this question here.

    • 2. What about PvP and ganking?
      • In ROG you can enjoy vast possibilities for PvP: fight with other players for killing mobs, occupying resources and bosses.

        The karma system (as a player's reputation) and penalties for death (experience loss, partial drop of items depending on karma level).

    • 3. Will there be non-PvP safe zones within the game?
      • No. There are areas where you do not lose experience gained and items collected upon death, but you can surely be killed everywhere. In such zones, PK is not only extremely difficult because of the guards, but also leads to a catastrophic deterioration of karma.

    • 4. What is the loot system and experience loss upon death?
      • There is no full-loot in the game, only partial loss of your items upon death dictated by Karma’s level.

        Here is our table of experience loss in accordance with Karma’s level:
        Karma cost for killing target Experience loss (from gained pool), % Non-involved inventory space, amount Drop chance from other boxes in % Drop share from stack in box in % Drop chance from the doll in %
        Saint  -500  0  10  0  0  0
        Virtuous  -250  10  5  10 (5-10)  0
        Good  -150  20  4  15 (10-20)  0
        Neutral  -50  30  3  20 (15-30)  0
        Bad  0  40  2  25 (20-40)  0
        Ugly  0  50  1  30 (30-60)  0
        Psycho  0  100  0  100  100  25
    • 5. Please tell me more about the Karma.
      • The karma system is a kind of tool for ganking control. It is a measure value with 5000 points maximum for being "good" and without any descending borders, which means that your karma may go as low as it goes.

    • 6. What about Bind-on-Equip and Bind-on-Pick up in ROG?
      • In ROG you’ll face “Unattached loot” system. This very system prevents any binding of loot created or taken to the player that have crafted it, picked it up or have equipped it.

        Players could sell their items even after using them.

    • 7. Will there be parties and constant parties in ROG? Can I create a group?
      • Sure. There will be an option to create a group of 5 or 6 players. 4 parties might be united into the raid. In ROG you can either join the guild or find mates to join the group within the guild or Alliance. You will need to join any of them as you can’t destroy the boss on your own (even if there are no enemies to take the boss over while you are on it). If the boss holds top loot, you need to be sure that your comrades are ready to cover your back when other players are coming – this means you’ll need 2-3 additional groups.

    • 8. Is there any limitation for quantity of members in one guild?
      • Quantity of members in one guild linked with its share capital, as well as the ability to maintain it at the proper level.

        The level of the guild depends on the size of the Share capital. It affects not only the maximum number of members, but also the number and level of castles, the total level of castles that the guild can own, the number of unions and titles that its senior can achieve, the number of positions within the guild and much more.

    • 9. Tell me about the guild structure and the role of each position.
      • There will be 10 positions within the guild. The player, receiving this or that position, receives a number of rights and obligations within the guil.

    • 10. What are server's capabilities upon Sieges/GvG?
      • Actual technical solutions make capable to maintain up to 150 characters within one locations without any problem in 3D MMORPG.

        At the same time, there are no hard restrictions (for example, closing the location).

        Preparing for possible problems in advance, we create implicit restrictions for "overpopulation": remoteness of castles and teleportation tokens; breaking the castle into several locations (the outer part, several interiors, dungeons, remote sentinel posts). The castle capturing mechanics will encourage players to be distributed among locations for a successful siege / defense.

  • PvE and equip
    • 1. So, will there be any raid bosses?
      • Yep. You can fight bosses in the open world. The price is dedicated to «risk vs reward» system.

    • 2. Please tell me more about crafting.
      • Multistage craft will imply the need for different vocations of crafters to work on one item. In addition, craft takes into account two main factors - the quality system of items and their prefixes, which will make quality items of the rarest and most valuable prefixes really extremely rare.

        In addition, players who devote their playing time to crafting will find their vocation in associations that will influence the economy of counties and the kingdom as a whole no less than the titles of king and count.

        You can find a detailed answer to this question here.

    • 3. Will there be rare and legendary items?
      • ROG provides two main mechanics that are responsible for items value - this is a quality system and a system of prefixes (a two-level prefix system on weapons). This mechanics give a huge variability of objects (only one quality system implies up to 27 thousand variations of the same basic item). Even without taking into account the prefix system, such a variation allows you to make the highest quality items extremely rare.

        You can read more about the quality system here.

    • 4. How will the bank or storage system be implemented?
      • There will be individual and for guilds, but only local (in leased or own real estate).

    • 5. Will there be teleports or fast travel in ROG?
      • There will be, but with their own restrictions on movement between the continents, as well as during the period of instability of teleports.

    • 6. Will there be caravans in the game?
      • The caravan system in ROG received special development due to its introduction into the general system of gathering and refining of resources, as well as the mechanics of "King and counts".

        In the first case, the gathered resources must be delivered to the refining facilities, and then the refined materials can be transported to storage facilities.

        The weight of resources is quite high, which makes it extremely difficult to transport them without mounts. A mount is easily captured by robbers in case of successful attack.

        Regarding "King and counts" mechanics, all collected taxes are gathered in the castle in the form of a special nominal item (bag / chest with taxes) belonging to a particular guild. In order to turn this item into talers, it is necessary to deliver it to the city branch of the Royal Bank, after which the talers will be credited to the guild account in the bank. A decent weight - each 1000 talers = 1 kg of weight.

        In the event of a successful robbery of a caravan with taxes, the robbers in their hands have a personalized item that they can turn into talers with special NPCs help, but minus a percentage, because funds were obtained by criminal means.

    • 7. Will the player be able to build it’s own house? Can it be robbed?
      • You can’t build the house as sandbox elements are minimized. But it is possible to steal from other players.

    • 8. What about mounts and pets?
      • First mounts will be included in alpha version of the game. Those are animals for transferring goods and resources.

        Riding mounts will be added to release.

        There will be no pets in the game, but there is already magic that allows you to summon a mob for a certain time.

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