Magic medieval.

East vs West

Choose your side

Players from different countries will fight for the one throne.

The open world (1000 km2) is equally divided equally between Europe and the CIS - 2 continents for each side.

Each side has its own Data Centers. Transitions are free and limited only by game mechanics.

A similar server system will be provided for America.

The fight starts now - your side is waiting for you.

King and Counts: wars,

economics and diplomacy

Each continent is divided into 7 counties. In the center of Dvaran is the Royal County.

The strongest guilds will make their senior count, and some will be able to crown their leader and rule over all kingdom.

The count not only obtains the right to levy trade and land taxes from all players in his territory, but is also responsible for the maintenance of his county.

The king not only rules his county and royal trade, but also charges royal tax on the counts.

Guild confrontation will be truly meaningful.

Castles and sieges

the only way to become King and Counts

On the eastern and western continents there are more than 60 castles of various levels. Almost each castle plays a role in the seizure and redistribution of guilds influence in Kingdom. A similar number of castles will be on the northern and southern continents.

Castles are various in levels and sizes: from wooden forts to stone fortresses, the siege of which will be greatly simplified siege weapons: stairs, towers, ballistae, catapults, trebuchets.

Each castle consists of several locations and has remote sentinel posts, which will make sieges really large-scale and diverse.

Reign of Guilds is the game

for brave players and true guilds

Reign of Guilds is an old-school hardcore: with an unattached loot, open world PvP and bosses, partial experience loss and partial dropping of items upon death depending on Karma level.

Dynamic first-person full non-target combat system with friendly fire and unique system of buffs.

Multistage craft. Up to 27 thousand variations of one item. Wear of items and loss of characteristics.

The game where players and guilds will be provided with really sharp and complex mechanics for the interaction between themselves and life in the Kingdom.

And the most important, in Reign of Guilds you can make a journey from a warrior to a leader, from a leader to a Count, from a Count to the King, and from the King to a … victim, tyrant or legend?

What path would you choose to follow?

Economy in Reign of Guilds:

high realism and complexity

Dynamic PvP and even meaningful GvG is not enough for a truly deep universe. Well aware of this, we paid great attention to micro and macroeconomics.

1. "Dynamic vendor balance" is a unique mechanics working on the principles of the law of supply and demand;

2. Traders, crafters and mercenaries - each has its own auction, which is managed by the supreme guild of the relevant association in the county;

3. The influence of the count on the quality of life in the territories under his control (production and processing of resources, tax burden);

4. The influence of the king on the economy of the сounty and of the Kingdom as a whole (the kings taxes, royal traders);

5. Uneven distribution of resources across counties and continents;

6. Intercontinental trade by sea;

7. The establishment of preferential economic zones by associations and counts.

For more information about the economy, trade, raw materials, resources, craft and other mechanics, see the Concept and Notes
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