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    Jan 17, 2018
    Hello there!

    New patch is ready! The main feature of this one that we’ve made some tweaks with UE4 and now it can work with tables of items/abilities/mobs/NPC and so on.

    As you know, lots of MMO games on UE4 don’t have ability to implement tables/data in UE4 so they need to edit all changes within UE4’s editor (which isn’t that agile).

    As in ROG there will be tons of items and variables, it is really a victory for us. We continue to carefully gather your feedback and fix bugs and make improvements, such as:
    • We’ve added system that secures your character upon “stuck” situations while restarting/dying within the game (which will help to prevent in-game abuse).
    • We’ve added admin chars and possibility to mute/ban players within the game.
    • We’ve added 10 sec. Invincibility upon respawn.
    • and lots of more.
    You can find full patchnote here.

    And yeah, all characters made will notice that there was wipe of their items created, This goes as a bonus ;)

    You may ask - why we had to do this wipe? It is simple - all because of related process of “meeting” UE4 and external data system. What to do? It is easy:
    • Create technical character
    • Take off all stuff from it and carry them over to the chest, including bag a.k.a. feedbag (the bag should be first moved into yellow inventory slot and then - to the chest).
    • Then take all stuff with your main character
    • ….PROFIT!