Patch №21 (08/02/2018)

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    Jan 17, 2018
    VER. 0.35.218

    FXD - Bug fix
    CH - Balance change
    New - As you may guess - it is something new

    1. General:

    1.1 NEW Added Tables of weapons, shields, armor, powders and skills.
    1.2 CH Made wipe of all items on characters created before this patch (except powders).
    1.3 FXD Added New system allows to automatically help characters that are stuck (though some stucks may still happen);
    1.4 FXD Fixed some chat bugs with message sent;

    2. Death system:

    2.1 FXD If player logs with dead character, the last goes (teleports) to respawn point.
    2.2 FXD Upon death one cannot attack (New system calculates hits more accurate which should prevent mutual kills in most cases).
    2.3 FXD Buffs cannot be applied to dead characters;
    2.4 FXD Dead characters can’t be hit;
    2.5 FXD Now dead corpses don’t hinder other players and don’t take any hit;
    2.6 We’ve added 10 sec. invincibility upon respawn - please note that this isn’t displayed via any effects and was made as quick solution. System might be changed in future.

    3. GameMaster functionality for administration characters:

    3.1 NEW Mute in chat for all account’s characters (even newly created) for any time needed.
    3.2 NEW Account ban for any time needed.