Patch №19, other news and a little bit about plans

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    Oct 2, 2017
    Dear Friends!

    1. About joy

    To begin with, during 7 days since the Update №5, testers killed each other more than 2100 times.

    In general we are happy that you find it interesting to log into the game even at the stage of empty prototype, do the testing, search for errors, report them, grind bugged mobs, and set on fire and punish each other with over-powered Crusaders!

    2. About the Patch

    The Patch №19 has arrived. We tried to fix all errors in it to the maximum, which were lying on the surface and interfering with testing. The balance for professions was corrected. And a little bit of new stuff was introduced.

    Patch note

    3. About the website

    We edited the design and improved the speed of the website and forum. We were satisfied more or less with the results. In this form, these two will remain without changes minimum up to the early access or even the release.

    We will gradually fill with content the sections "Contacts" and "About team" of the website. We will launch the section "Devblog", and perhaps, start a channel in Telegram devoted to the development process itself, not the game.

    4. About the plot

    A concept as a small plot was finished. It is not the background story of the world. It is just one example of what could have happened some time ago or had happened in the kingdom of ROG.

    The plot will form the basis of the main trailer. The works on the trailer will begin in November and be finished by April.

    We will not talk in details about it for now. The complete story is presented in About and Concept-art.

    5. About plans

    In the next small Update №6, we will give examples of abilities, add respec option, and, well, fix critical errors that will surface from now. Maybe we will add buffs and mantras of health and mana rejuvenation, while passive regeneration will be reduced to zero.