Patch №19

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    Oct 2, 2017
    FXD means an error/bug was fixed;

    CH means changes in search for balance and fairness;

    NEW means new stuff;

    Red means something critical, green means something good and interesting.

    1. General:

    1.1 [FXD] Now collisions no longer disappear from all players on the map if someone happens to get in the same spot and at the same time when a mob respawns;

    1.2 [FXD] Energy is no longer consumed when sprinting backwards, which, formally, is not even in the game :). Sounds when in combat are no longer played over the whole map;

    1.3 [CH] When picking up a stack of items from the ground, one picks the whole stack, not just a single item from it;

    1.4 [FXD] A bug was fixed related to use on self (ALT). Speaking globally, now in ROG it is possible to use on self only certain types of items;

    1.5 [NEW] Added a new tab of guild chat;

    1.6 [NEW] In the top part of the screen, where the name of the location is, there is division into "Lands of the castle Aris (clan)" and "Castle Aris (clan)" now. This division will constantly remind about where the experience can and cannot be lost. And well, the translation is not ready yet, it is only in English for now));

    1.7 [NEW] Legs get broken when falling from a certain height (XP is lost and energy is burned);

    1.8 [NEW] For those who love collecting ears: we made a new 3d model of ears;

    2. Assassin:

    2.1 [FXD] We normalized the range and the radius of damage for Assassin’s daggers;

    3. Inquisitor:

    3.1 [FXD] There is no longer need to re-equip a powder, if mana has got depleted or rejuvenated;

    3.2 [CH] A projection of AOE on the ground is displayed when equipping relevant weapon types and not just by pressing LMB;

    3.3 [CH] The flying velocity of a Fireball was increased twice. Its cool-down was lowered to 1 second and its radius was slightly increased;

    3.4 [CH] We decreased visual area of damage caused by a powder (Fireball) and the effect radius when flying;

    3.5 [NEW] Replaced the animation for using the powder (Fireball) into a longer one;

    4. Crusader:

    4.1 [CH] Decreased PA, PD, MD for Crusader’s breastplate;

    4.2 [CH] Decreased the maximum damage of bastard-sword, hammer, and labrys;

    4.3 [FXD] Normalized the range and damage radius of labrys;

    5. Mobs:

    5.1 [FXD] Named mobs no longer drop packs of daggers for Assassin;

    5.2 [FXD] XP bar of mobs is no longer restored visually to the full scale;

    5.3 [FXD] Models of wolves should no longer disappear in case when there is an invisible wolf that can be killed;

    5.4 [CH] Wolves got longer striking range and decreased time to prepare for the strike. This was done so that they could bite the player without shaking when chasing him. Before that, the player could leave the damage area when the wolf only was preparing to strike;

    5.5 [FXD+CH] The respawn of mobs is now 30 seconds. It is no longer instant as it had been before.