Update №4 (25/08/2017)

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    Oct 15, 2017
    Dear friends!

    On 25 of August, a major update №1 was released. Here are the main changes it brings:

    1. Combat system:
    1.1 [General] Hit boxes: now there is a different where to hit: at the head, torso or legs. Hitting the head increases the chance of dealing critical damage with the weapon, while hitting at legs decreases it, but adds to stamina drain from the target;
    1.2 [Ranged combat] Q is now ZOOM+slowing down of mouse, which should simplify aiming. It only works with weapons which are ready to fire;
    1.3 [General] The range and velocity of bounces are increased by 30%;
    1.4 [General] If a character has less than 5% stamina left, then he automatically transitions to walking until the stamina restores to this value. This is the foundation of a new mechanics. In few days we will rework the value of general amount of stamina for professions, its consumption, restoration speed, and “burn”;
    1.5 [General] Camera shaking. When being hit, one or several shaking of camera occur based on the severity of damage. The strongest shaking becomes a slight swinging.

    2. Professions and items:
    2.1. We introduced the “Assassin”. It has twice more stamina than the “Crusader”. Its vitality has a somewhat middle value between the “Crusader” and the “Hunter”;
    2.2. The “Hunter” no longer uses a dagger;
    2.3. Now the White robe is given to the “Crusader”, the Black one is for the “Assassin”, and the Green one is for the “Hunter”;
    2.4. Five daggers were added for the "Assassin". He cannot use any other weapon than daggers. Some are given from the start, some are dropped from mobs.

    3. Castles:
    3.1 The owners of a castle respawn inside the castle;

    4. Guilds:
    4.1 Anyone can accept new members in a guild, but only the head can exclude guild members.

    5. Statistics:
    5.1. Statistics based on kills is enabled. Ears are not dropped yet. We are still catching the bug with collisions.

    6. Errors, bugs, and miscellaneous:
    6.1. [Fixed] L when dying;
    6.2. [Fixed] Ban on actions when dead, e.g. draw a weapon or jump;
    6.3. [Fixed] Wolves walked sideways;
    6.4. The attacks and animations of mobs are now interrupted when they are killed;
    6.5. The dropping of weapon and shields when killed is visualized now. This is just a basic mechanics, which will be improved in the next update;
    6.6. The update from 4.15 to 4.16, and then to 4.17 version of UE4 has been completed;
    6.7. [Fixed] A reoccurred bug in 4.16+ version of the engine.

    7. The website and other overhead tasks:
    7.1. [DONE] In section "Development" there will be new page "Status";
    7.2. [3/4 DONE] The section "About game" will be redesigned and enhanced with illustrations. There will be 10 times less text in it. Expect a small art-plot.