Update №1 (16/07/2017)

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    Oct 15, 2017
    Dear friends!

    On 16 of July, a major update №1 was released. Here are the main changes it brings:

    1. Combat system:
    1.1. [General] The movement speed was decreased by 25%, including vertical jump strength;
    1.2. [Melee combat] The firing cylinder size was increased 1,5 times (the firing cylinder is the damaging area);
    1.3. [Melee combat] The damage to the target is inflicted not at once, but during 0,3 s while the weapon is passing through the area of the crosshair;
    1.4. [Ranged combat] The arrow velocity was increased slightly more than twice;
    1.5. [General] More than 130 animations were fixed for the new speed, so that there is neither sliding on the ground nor motion of legs when standing at the same spot.

    2. Visual part:
    2.1. Night, morning and evening got brighter;
    2.2. A head model was replaced:


    2.3. Bugs of the body model were partly fixed.

    3. User interface:
    3.1. Highlighting of items and containers within radius of 15 m from the player upon pressing F-Key was added:


    3.2. Command unstuck was added. Usage: key-in the command in chat (not in console).

    4. Errors and bugs:
    4.1. [Fixed] An arrow would cause a damage value of a dagger when the arrow was fired then quickly swapped to dagger;
    4.2. [Partly fixed] A test code was added that it suppressed the error with no animation of Golems as well as wolves getting stuck;
    4.3. [Fixed] 2 causes of client crashes.

    As it has been already mentioned, the priority is to actualize the combat system. During the patching, we checked out 3 way of actualization and picked up the third one. All other changes are secondary. They are intended to make sure eyes do not get hurt too much.