Development blog #2

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    Dec 5, 2017
    Hello everyone!

    As you remember, we’ve made our first dev’s blog on how we develop Reign of Guilds before the New Year.

    This time we will concentrate our story on more specific part - VFX for buffs/debuffs and abilities.

    Eager to know what we’ve prepared for you?

    - Water magic is depicted by ice, so don’t forget to get warm clothes and hot tea before watching as things might get icy;
    - Earth magic is your best protection in the game which also looks cool;
    - We will also show you some more abilities that might help win the fight.

    On our forum we discuss development of Reign of Guilds. You can always share your bright ideas and thoughts and we may actually implement them into the game as Reign of Guilds is community driven project.

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