Weekly report [#3]

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    Oct 2, 2017
    Let’s start the third weekly report with the discussion about Alpha. It is important for us to make Alpha not only impressive but showing the difference in our level in comparison with the Prototype of previous year. Moreover, we intend actively to promote our project and new site would be a big help for us (not so much design as possibilities for promoting).

    That’s why we beg you to understand the deferrals. The integration of collective work for the whole year (code, models, level design, animations, UI) in one project is a diligent and careful work.

    And now what we will show to our readers.

    I 3D models


    It is the 3 and 4 tiers. A character still wears light armour. The only thing that is conceptually changed – weight of a pad. It turns to a breastplate but doesn’t humper the movements on the side. Hunters still wear ‘cloths’, but they have agility and mobility.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Players will respawn in the buildings like that after death. One building is for the players with neutral and better karma, the other is for the “bad boys”, except ‘psychopaths’. Any ideas about their place of respawn?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    II VFX

    Cold lager

    Buff or debuff? That is the question. It depends on the quantity. On a Friday night it’s probably buff)


    Bloody chains

    You could meet this debuff in the other games. It doesn’t slow down the target, but it damages depending on the covered distance.



    A weight is a weight. Every weight has about 2 pounds. You won’t go far with it. Unlike debuffs requiring the air, this spell will allow players who have a lot of stamina to slow down the other players by adding them the weight in the bags!


    III Animations with one-handed sword

    It’s been a long route to show you the new animations in the third person with the new model of the man, wearing the new armour. Well, we are almost ready to show the new modular system. The new animations in the third person will be prettier thanks to it.

    A stance without shield became lighter and the movements became less uptight. A character without shield will receive a bonus to the swordplay.

    Hit 03-09

    Hit 10-04


    Hit 04-10

    IV Conclusion

    Our team has small changes – the new CM (Alexander, as @Ловен on the forum) joined our team. Many of you have already known him.

    Follow the news, join Alpha (who hasn’t had a chance), thanks for the support and feedback, see you later!

    P.S. Our ROG team is leaving to buff with lager and other beverages