Vanguard - Recruiting

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    Jan 21, 2020
    Vanguard is seeking vassals to take up our banner in the name of justice.

    Our territories will be ruled by law and the peace upheld. Those who seek to encroach upon our land and prey upon it's citizens will meet swift and harsh justice. Our destiny shall be carved upon the flesh and bone of our fallen foes, the brigands and thieves which seek to take that which is not their own.

    All who seek refuge within our gates shall be greeted as our brethren so long as they bear no ill intention.


    Vanguard is seeking to grow and provide a low tax region for the citizen's of its territories. A territory that is secure, or as secure as possible from those who seek to break our laws and prey upon our citizens.

    We will be putting a lot of focus on PvP and warfare tactics. This will be vital for the survival of our future nation. We will be developing a rank structure system that will best allow us develop, meet our goals, and prosper.

    Vanguard will be using discord as a means of organization and communication within Reign of Guilds and plan to be active and assert our influence upon our neighboring kingdoms through cooperation and trade. Peace is preferred but war often a necessity.
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