Update №5 (12/11/2017)

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    Dear friends!

    On 12 of November, a major update №5 was released.

    The main difficulty that caused the update to be repeatedly postponed was its enormous scale. The scale caused not only geometric growth of time needed to fix bugs, but also problems related to the engine version update. It so happened that the stable build on version 4.15.3 was completely unstable on versions 4.17.x. During the last day, we fixed 21 errors. Those who visited the server that day had chance to experience them.

    Here is the main result of work after two last months, which is reflected in the current build:

    1. We added the base (logic and mechanics) for the magic/buffs/abilities. It is very easy and fast to build upon the base to create various features;
    2. We added own rather non-trivial mechanics for character development, which inevitably required the introduction of such mechanics as stats, attributes, leveling-up, and so on.

    We made serious steps so that ROG acquired RPG elements and distinctions from medieval slasher games.

    P.S. There will be errors and bugs always, but only those who do nothing at all get none of errors and bugs. We would like to focus your attention for the second time on that the current stage of development is closer to "prototype", rather than "alpha version". It is far from finished product. It would have been easier to develop it quietly, but we had chosen a different path.

    Here are the main changes that update brings:

    1. Stats (characteristics):
    1.1. Character:
    1.1.1. Mana was added. It got a bar of blue color (the stamina got a yellow bar now). We added the consumption rate of mana (shown on items) and its regeneration (for now, just a passive regeneration at 10%/s, if not fighting for 15 seconds);
    1.1.2. We added physical and magical attributes: strength, agility, accuracy, endurance, and earth, air, water, fire;
    1.1.3. Added the dependence between attributes and HP/PA/MA/PD/MD: For each physical level, a character gets +50 to HP and +2 to stamina; For each magical level, a character gets +50 to MP and +2 to stamina; For 1 strength, a character gets +1 to PA for melee weapon; For 1 agility, a character gets +1 to stamina; For 1 accuracy, a character gets +1 PA for ranged weapon; For 1 stamina, a character gets +5 to HP and +0,1kg to carrying capacity; For 1 earth, a character gets +1 to PD/MD; For 1 air, a character gets +1 to MA; For 1 water, a character gets +5 to MP; For 1 fire, a character gets +1 to MA.

    1.1.4. Added physical and magical levels for character. Before that, they were only in words;
    1.1.5. An attack can be divided into physical and magical one now;
    1.1.6. Added physical and magical defense;
    1.1.7. Added characteristics “profession”;
    1.1.8. Added hunger meter and karma. However, they are only partly in use;
    1.2. Items:
    1.2.1. Characteristics of items: weight, item type;
    1.2.2. Affect characteristics (HP/MP/Stamina/PA/MA/PD/MD) and attributes of character (increase or decrease);
    1.2.3. At the moment, the information is not displayed for processing. We are going to fix this soon.
    1.3. Mobs:
    1.3.1. Their attack and defense are also now divided into physical one and magical one.

    2. Formula for damage calculations:
    2.1. A new formula was introduced for physical and magical attacks;
    2.2. Fixed incorrect calculation of hit on different body parts (hit boxes of a head, body, legs). Now it is easier to hit leg or body;
    2.3. A simplified formula for damage calculation of mobs was introduced.

    3. Added character levelling:
    3.1. Infliction of damage (gross) develops attributes, related to the weapon type used;
    3.2. Taking damage (gross) develops endurance of a character;
    3.3. A new attribute is granted when a corresponding scale gets full;
    3.4. A new level is granted when a required number of attributes is gained;
    3.5. Added division into zone responsible for loss of experience and penalties for killing players:

    3.5.1. Active combat zone (ACZ). On the test location, it is called «Lands of castle Aris»;
    3.5.2. Open world zone (OWZ). On the test location, it is called «Surroundings»;

    3.6. The loss of experience happens in OWZ. The percentage of lost experience depends on karma:

    3.6.1. When a player dies, he or she loses a percentage of the fullest scale of attributes;
    3.6.2. If all scales are empty and it is impossible to subtract necessary percentage, then the attribute is taken if it is not locked to the level;
    3.6.3. A player cannot lose a level;
    3.6.4. For now, the loss and gain of karma are turned off. A percentage of lost experience is minimum and is equal to 10% as it will be the case for positive karma in future.

    3.7. Added a system of freeze and block of gaining attributes:

    3.7.1. To freeze, double click with RMB on the scale of an attribute. This allows to collect experience without leveling-up. The loss of experience is in percentage of the current scale. For instance, if a player has 10.000/1540 XP, then when he dies, he loses 10% of 1540. When the freeze is removed, the player will immediately gain several attributes;
    3.7.2. To block, double click with RMB on a frozen attribute. This mechanics completely blocks any increase of the attribute’s scale. It is enabled automatically when joining a professional school, which has limitations for physical and magical development (60.15 and 15.60).

    4. Magic
    4.1. Added the universal foundation for creating magic, buffs, and abilities;
    4.2. Based on this foundation, three types of magic were included in this update:
    4.2.1. Firebolt. This is an analogue of a crossbow bolt. It has a very fast animation, very fast flying velocity, and a scatter after a certain distance;
    4.2.2. Fireball. This is similar to a crossbow bolt + АОЕ in the end. Upon hitting the target or another obstacle, an AOE explosion takes place. Also, it gets scattered after N meters of flying;
    4.2.3. Pool of fire. This is АОЕ in a specified area, i.e. application of the spell in a specified area, whose projection is displayed as a circle on the ground.;
    4.3. Added more than 80 animations for the combat guard «one-handed magic (powder)»;
    4.4. Added temporal video and sound effect for fire magic.

    5. Professions
    5.1. Added profession of «Inquisitor», which got option to use above mentioned magic (powders «Firebolt», «Fireball», «Pool of fire»);
    5.2. Upon creation, all characters have minimum level for chosen profession. The levels of the “Assassin”, the “Crusader/Hunter”, and the “Inquisitor” are 16.16, 16.15, and 15.16, respectively.

    6. Balance
    6.1. When creating a character, base amount of stamina was increased twice (to 200);
    6.2. All items in the game have new characteristics. Now all characters deal more damage, but have higher defense and HP;
    6.3. Characteristics of mobs were also modified to have larger values;
    6.4. Added new items for the “Assassin” and the “Inquisitor” (professional clothes):
    6.4.1. New items will be missing on characters created before the update. This especially concerns the “Assassin”. This is why either move them from created sample character or play with newly created one;
    6.5. The amount of stamina burn when damage is inflicted to legs was significantly decreased.

    7. General
    7.1. Added an option to use item on self: when pressing ALT, the cursor changes. At the moment, the option to hit oneself is turned off;
    7.2. Added foundation of the system for usable items, which are used when double-clicking LMB on them in inventory:

    7.2.1. Based on the system, we introduced respeс, that allows to redistribute stat points of a character from scratch;
    7.2.2. This item respawns every minute in chests at the dock;
    7.2.3. Since the next Update, it will allow to redistribute 20 attributes.

    7.3. We increased the total amount of mobs on the map by about 15 times. Almost all new mobs are scattered around the castle;
    7.4. Powders of fire are dropped from regular mobs now;
    7.5. When walking (CTRL), the sound of footsteps is turned on.

    8. Fixed bugs:
    8.1. When a player dies, collisions of all other players disappeared at the server;
    8.2. Wolves fell underground or ran off;
    8.3. When sprinting sideways and jumping in the same direction, character’s speed got increased;
    8.4. A breastplate and a hamlet could not be put on the Crusader again once they were put off;
    8.5. A rare desynchronization in information about the event when a player got hit from a crossbow (feedback with particles and sound);
    8.6. Dead body of a player collided incorrectly with zones;
    8.7. The rag-doll (physics of body parts movement of a dead body) was not working properly all the time;
    8.8. Statistics on the page “Rankings” works correctly now.

    9. What is already present in the current build, but will be activated in the next update:
    9.1. Buffs (boost of character’s stats);
    9.2. Use of healing powders. Mantras of healing and rejuvenation of mana will be available later. After that, we will balance professions and items again;
    9.3. Abilities (teleport for the “Crusader”, summoning of creatures, invisibility);
    9.4. Hunger meter and changes to character’s stats it brings;

    10. Existing bugs. We are aware of them and we are going to either fix them in the nearest patch or ignore them, since the bugs are in the placeholder, which will be removed soon from ROG:
    10.1. Desynchronization of wolves at the server and in the client. This is why the wolves can be invisible, they are impossible to hit even though the client tells otherwise and so on. The problem was caused by our attempt to prevent mobs from running off;
    10.2. Capes of the “Assassin” and “Inquisitor” can visually turn into a shabby black coat for other player. When the player re-enters the game, the problem disappears;
    10.3. Micro-freezes and shaking when jumping sideways;
    10.4. Clothes (robe of the “Inquisitor” and cape of the “Assassin”) get broken when dodging;
    10.5. The balance is not ideal for now, but it can be endured;
    10.6. It is harder than usual, much harder to hit with the “Assassin” right now. We are going to fix this issue in the next patch.
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