Update №3 (29/07/2017)

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    Oct 15, 2017
    Dear friends!

    On 29 of July, a minor update №3 was released. Here are the main changes it brings:

    1. Combat system:
    1.1. [Melee combat] Damage area for all types of weapon was increased 1.5 times (diameter of the firing cylinder);
    1.2. [Melee combat] We added a characteristic to the weapon, which would affect the damaging area in future. For example, dagger will damage area x, single handed weapon will damage area 1.5x, and two-handed weapon will damage area 2.5х;
    1.3. [Melee combat] A code responsible for AOE was added. A dagger cannot hit multiple targets at once, but why would not a two-handed weapon. This mechanics was not approved completely, but it is worth giving a try. If it is not loved, we will cut it and throw it away. Testing of АОЕ in mellee combat will be done in the framework of testing of two-handed weapon (patch №5 or №6);
    1.4. [Ranged combat] The ballistics was reworked from scratch basically: an arrow velocity was increased and “gravity” for an arrow was changed;
    1.5. [General] Precise weapon balance. There is no longer single best variant for the “Crusader” or the “Hunter”: everyone can customize them according to their own playing style;
    1.6. [General] The mechanics of stamina storage and consumption due to the decrease of the movement speed. A balancing of stamina was done in the context of "Crusader vs. Hunter".

    2. Guilds:
    2.1. A basic guild management mechanics was added: set up a guild, include or exclude players;
    2.2. We made a simple UI for this mechanics.

    3. Castles:
    3.1. We added an analogue of the castle called Aris;
    3.2. We added functionality to capture a castle via capturing 3 zones: "Left wing", "Right wing", and "Treasury room");
    3.3. Everybody inside the location are notified about the new owner after the castle is captured;
    3.4. We added a dependence of the capturing speed based on the amount of players in the zone (obviously, members of the same guild). Total speed of capturing single-handedly was lowered;
    3.5. After the capturing the castle Aris, a timer is on to count the duration of possession time of the castle by the Guild-owner.

    4. Statistics:
    4.1. The status of the server, statistics of players and guilds is here now;
    4.2. It provides following information:
    4.2.1. The server’s status and number of players online;
    4.2.2. General number of kills (PvP) on the server;
    4.2.3. TOP-30 players based on kills;
    4.2.4. TOP-30 players based on ranking (for now, it is a secret what kind of ranking it is and how it is calculated);
    4.2.5. TOP-30 guilds based on number of players in them;
    4.2.6. TOP-30 guilds based on time of possession of the castle Aris;
    4.2.7. TOP-30 guilds based on kills;
    4.2.8. TOP-30 guilds based on ranking (guilds also have their own secret ranking obviously);
    4.3. One exception: the statistics is not functional in the context of kills and deaths. This is because in order to catch the bug about disappearance of collisions, the death functionality was turn off. Among other things, the death functionality was responsible for the death count.

    5. Bugs (from what we can recall now):
    5.1. [Fixed] Bug with the darkness at low/medium settings of shadows;
    5.2. [Fixed] An insignificant, but funny glitch when a door could be open or closed until it got open or closed completely, which allowed a player to easily control the door. For instance, a player could lock himself up and other players could not do anything about it);
    5.3. [Fixed] There was a huge amount of bugs and errors related to the functionality of guilds, seizure and the mechanics of ranged combat;
    5.4. [WIP] Bug with collision detection when after a player died inside a location, there was an error resulting in switching off collision detection among all players in the location. This means that players lost their physical shape, they got not longer visible for the server. This is why it was not possible to deal or receive damage, capture a castle. It was a very complicated bug, which sneaked into the dropping of ears when dying. The cause was already found, so we turned off the mechanics for the sake of play-ability. What is left is to rewrite the code of generation and drop of ears.
    5.5 [ALAS] When we were dealing with the problem with ears, a bug of incorrect communication between the server and the database was discovered. This is why all player names in Cyrillic were deleted and you must create characters again.