Update №2 (21/07/2017)

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    Oct 15, 2017
    Dear friends!

    On 21 of July, a minor update №2 was released. Here are the main changes it brings:

    1. We added settings for video and audio. Available video settings got more productive than the one via the console:


    2. We decreased twice the speed of the time in the game: from 48 to 24 hours for 1 hour of real time. In the release, it will be 1 hour of real time = 12 hours of game time

    3. Weapon balance

    4. Stamina is above the hotbar now

    5. Tip on the left was replaced with F1

    6. Edited mobs and cut their paroling radius in an attempt to catch the bug regarding their desertion

    7. Fixed rain