Update 0.91.299 from 22/03/2023

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    Apr 2, 2018
    Dear friends,

    PT #2 did not go as smoothly as we might have wanted. The main reason for it is obvious to anyone who actively participated. It was due to server crashes caused by low-level engine code.

    Because of the issue, we had to extend the testing up to February 16, after which we directed most of our efforts toward finding its cause. Omitting the details, we have fixed the problem and are now eagerly preparing for PT #3.

    This patch is an intermediate one. For the most part, it includes our response to the feedback and fixes, including the abundance of work on the backend. After all, it was responsible for the majority of game server crashes

    One more time, we want to thank everyone who participated in PT #2 and the ROG Club for their testing of technical builds after the playtest was over.

    We will soon announce the date of PT #3 and tell you about its planned vision.

    ROG’oms up!
    Follow the link to find out more or click the image bellow.

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