NEW Update 0.54.602 from 04/02/2021

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    Apr 2, 2018

    Hello friends!

    As briefly as possible about the most important news:

    • The WN Dev Contest is over for us - we thank everyone who voted for our project, and we will give out awards in the coming days;

    • The delay in the update is due to the fact that in February-March the project team was doubled, and a lot of new mechanics were work in progress, referring to each other;

    • We are finishing the refactor (read - “rewriting” the code) of the critical level, which means that from this month almost all 5 programmers will start working on new mechanics and updates of old ones;

    • In the current updates, there are already features from Beta-1 of Beta-2 - this is due to the ongoing refactor, we will return to the last Alpha features next week;

    • After updating the Arena to version 0.6, we are planning a small tournament with rewards;

    • The following videos will tell you about siege towers, arena, physics of the combat system - watch for their appearance;

    Because the code update turned out to be large-scale - this is far from the entire list, but only the main systems that are presented in the build.

    Have a great weekend - ROGgoms up!
    Follow the link to find out more or click the image bellow.
    Screenshot 2021-04-03 014205.png
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