NEW Update (0.53.567) 17.02.2021

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    Apr 2, 2018
    Hello, friends!

    Shortly about the main news:
    1. 26/01/2021 we canceled NDA, so in the near future we will start to give keys to all interested influencers;
    2. We diceded to increase the number of test keys for pre-order packs, including previously purchased ones: Banneret +1, Raubritter +2. To get them, use the "Key code" button on the forum;
    3. We have resumed to give invitation to the ROG Club on the application form (more details), here is the list of invited guests: Eskaldar, lvond, MatMax Qclick, SquiGuard;
    4. We have prepared a short video “End of Silence", starting from which we will prepare videos for our regular updates.

    Follow the link to find out more or click the image bellow.


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