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    Apr 2, 2018
    Greetings, Friends!

    We feel sorry for our previous report was in the depths of winter while the current one is in the middle of spring. This happened for a number of reasons and we talked about them several times.

    Also, we would like to offer our apologies for leaving our social channels desolate, but we set the priorities differently right now.

    We raised the issue of nominating emissaries from the community, who would get the rights of moderators in certain social networks and at the forum.

    It is also worth noting that currently the reports no longer precede the patches and they even began to fall behind.

    Now about the actual report. Here is its structure:
    1. Mobs;
    2. [AI 2.0] Technical novelties;
    3. [AI 2.0] The principles of the model;
    4. Landscape materials;
    5. Models, icons, items;
    6. Patch;
    Link to Report #36

    Link to other news
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  2. Necromantic

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    Jan 12, 2020
    Looks good graphics wise, but graphics are honestly the last thing I'm interested in.

    Have you looked into composition or more data oriented approaches to AI?

    As for the question of perspective. I'd honestly prefer if there was as little third person as possible, preferably none.
    In my opinion the option for third person hinders immersion and as long as the option exists it will reduce the focus on first person and make people deviate away from it because it will just be have advantages in certain situations.
    I don't think you can so easily limit the effect it has. If you ask me it completely destroys a "first person" game, because it is no longer a first person game and the only advantages first person has in almost any situation is ranged and melee aiming to a degree and the immersion. Awareness is a huge deal and with Third person you just have way more of it.
    I can see some high level "eagle eye" scouting ability that temporarily removes you from your body to see more of your surroundings maybe, but that's it.
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  3. Myrmex Thraxvágr

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    May 11, 2020
    True you can see it from many perspectives ... though third person is something most players would like to see to take a look at their character and what not.
    I prefer to have the option, having a third person shoulder view like skyrim has, though first person makes the decision if you want to be an archer.
    Nevertheless .. perhaps introducing a new system to this? Think about how Darkfall did it, they made you go into 1st person when in archery mode, perhaps you can do something with this when in combat.
    Food for thoughts, good luck.

    Can't wait to get ingame and see for myself how everything has been done until now.
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