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    Jul 26, 2019
    1. How will harvesting work in ROG? Are resource nodes per individual or first come first serve?
    2. How much can we expect gear to trump skill? Will a player in medium tier gear be able to fight a player in high end gear?
    3. If you harvest a tree will it fall in the wild or disappear?
    4. Can guilds declare hostility on each other and fight/kill each other outside of sieges without incurring negative karma? If so how many guilds can you declare hostility against?
    5. Open world public dungeons in the far distance future?
    6. Describe the vocations and the limitations of vocations.For instance will "swordsman" only be able to wield swords and be unable to dabble in magic or ranged?
    7. I noticed a food bar on the player stat window; what will food do?
    8. How will the developers combat RMT (real money transactions)?
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    The time has come to form regular updates of the official FAQ with those questions that you want to ask.

    With a certain periodicity (depending on the activity in this thread) we will collect questions from this topic and form the next wave of answers from developers.

    The main purpose of this is to update the FAQ with what is interesting to you and to concentrate the answers on one page / in one topic.

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