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    I was wondering since i know how there are classes for players to pick but i was wondering if there are or is going to also be jobs as well, like say a blacksmith job or merchant job things like that and if there are going to be will there be unique missions where those jobs are able to get things like marterials to sell to NCP's or materials that those jobs can get to make certain items like armor,wepons things like that and if there are jobs like that i was wondering if you plan to set up places for them to buy like shops to sell the items they make or materials they get to other players but make it so they aren't able to make stuff for themselves to use but can go to other players with the same job or at least make it harder for them to make items for themselves to use so they can't become OP, i was also wondering this because it may help for some of the players who like doing stuff more like this rather than always having to fight other players and they are more of a neutral party who helps everyone of course it would still be possible for them to do other things like everyone else but for the most part it would be for players who are more interested in things like this, i was also wondering if it will be possible for them to align with guilds as this will make it so they are a high profile player that guilds want the help of while at the same time making it more likely for them to be attacked or robbed by players if you add a thief job or class if they don't align with a guild to help protect them this way the blacksmith and merchant jobs can't hog all of the things and from others in the games, this would also let you add things like auction houses which the merchants can run if they get enough money to buy or make one which will let you add things like bidding, even if you don't the merchant job will help with player trading in game for things like say if you wish to trade but don't want others to know you have valuable items when you trade with others so they can't attack you latter on outside of a place to take things you didn't sell so they merchant will let these people stay unknown to the people who are buying or trading things and if not but you might plan to in the future i was wondering how you would implement this and what you think about it along with what other players think as well.
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    immediately sorry for my google translator

    There will be 2 craft professions, but they can also actively play and fight.
    - gunsmith
    - the blacksmith
    there is also a sorcerer, he enchants objects

    There will be jobs for craft professions in cities and castles.

    There are trade licenses for installing your NPC to sell your property.
    You can also get up and trade on your own.

    There will be special places for placing an order for artisans, leaving materials for crafting

    The crafter will create things for himself and even unique things for his profession, which will reveal his class. A blacksmith, a gunsmith, a sorcerer, and a gladiator are likely to be welcomed in any guild. The game has a class of thieves, and he really knows how to steal, a lot of people would like content to develop for players with very bad karma. The developers announced after the release of plans for some development of such content.

    Association - an association of guilds in a core occupation. Associations appeared because there are guilds who don’t really want to fight in castles, but really want to have weight in the kingdom. They were divided into 3 areas: the association of merchants, artisans and mercenaries.
    The guild joins the association, not the player. The association puts forward requirements for the guild to enter and move up the stairs in it. Only one guild can take the place of the Supreme Association Guild.
    It is she who regulates the comfort of the markets for trade, crafts and contract killings by setting the amount of commission at auctions, the cost of renting trading floors, as well as by restricting access to the auction of the ruling guild of her county, or the ruling guild of the whole kingdom.
    Any guild that stands a step lower and breathes in the Supreme’s back can take its place, cutting it out and proving this association.

    In game does not completely lose things and it depends on karma. Most things fall from characters with karma Psycho. With Good, nothing falls, well, or almost nothing that would have any value.
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