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    Dear friends!

    Patches № 1-14 are in the list of Updates № 1-4. Let’s differentiate the terms "Update" and "Patch":

    If something new is added into the game (mechanics, weapon, models, and so on), then we refer to it as Update

    If balancing or bug fixing is done, then we call it patch

    Patch №15 (26/08/2017):
    1. Stamina was redesigned:
    1.1. Regeneration values per second are: 4% when you stand, 2% when you walk, and 1% when you run, respectively;
    1.2. The threshold for transition to walking is 8% now. The sprinting is disabled at 8%, but jumping and dodging remain. This is why one has to keep an eye on the stamina bar.
    2. Fixed: as many as 6 bugs in the mechanics of Guilds, which arose due to the transition to version UE 4.17;
    3. There is no longer former dagger in the game, it was replaced with several new knifes;
    4. Fixed: the fact of ownership of the castle was not recorded in the DB;
    5. “Assassin” class was incorrectly displayed in statistics. The calculations of guild ranking was modified. Now, more “valuable” is the ownership of a castle.

    Patch №16 (01/09/2017):
    1. “Assassin” no longer wears a breastplate and a helmet;
    2. A bug was fixed regarding the notification of the location name if another player had entered it;
    3. A bug was fixed regarding an empty strike (there was a cooldown, but there was no strike);
    4. Increased the damaging area for stamina burn. Now it is everything under the belt;
    5. The stamina is deducted just like the HP;
    6. Bug fixed when choosing a class to create a new character;
    7. The HP value of "Assassin" and “Crusader” were increased to 375 and 500, respectively.

    Patch №17 (15/09/2017):
    1. The access is now via Steam;
    2. Increased a timeout during loading to address the conflict with HDD;
    3. Locations was partly redesigned to speed up loading time;
    4. Patched a bug with collisions.