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Discussion in 'Tavern' started by Diamay, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. quickzR

    quickzR Bard

    Feb 26, 2020
    Aah yes, I still play it from time to time. Good to see other GV community members around!
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  2. PsychoPhobic

    PsychoPhobic Lumberjack ROG Club

    Feb 26, 2020
    Hey all! o7

    Been online gaming since Ultima Online way back when. Got heavily into Mortal Online, and have been trying to scratch those itches ever since. Seems like I'm in the right place heh.
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  3. Myrmex Thraxvágr

    Myrmex Thraxvágr IV degree of vocation ROG Club

    May 11, 2020
    Heya !
    My name is Myrmex Thraxvágr. Thrax is the land that my community seeks to find and build. Vágr is norse and means coast, before I was commonly known as Namykos, more hellenic inspired. I love ships and the sea.
    Though I've gone far off into the viking theme with my clan right now. I come from Darkfall, Mortal Online, Life is feudal, Atlas and Last Oasis.
    I am playing in the EU timezone as a german Frenchman. I am looking forward to start a guild here.
    I am a hardcore pvper and looking forward to perhaps become a valuable mercenary in all wars that are yet to come.
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  4. Rizzit

    Rizzit Lumberjack

    Jan 17, 2021
    I'm Rizz I bring aids to the pvp lands (if your game doesnt suxx).

    All praise Lowtax's Spine


    Wuut ... No one is save from that guy lol how is the duchy going? ;D
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  5. MatMax

    MatMax Lumberjack ROG Club

    Jan 20, 2021
    Hey me, it's MatMax (MatMax # 4207) Founder of the French discord yes I don't speak English ^^ I'm Belgian and I love mmorpg fps games in real life I'm looking for the perfect game a minecradft style game but with texture finally this What I mean is that I'm looking for a game with dragon dungeon but not wow style or all these easy games on right click on item I prefer the games in action with obviously online skyrim style online but I am the biggest skyrim fan finally all this to say that I can't wait to see your games and to be able to bring a whole French community

    Matys De La Tanière who will do everything to make this game possible to play and even help you as much as possible
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  6. IsvRada

    IsvRada Bard

    Sep 26, 2023
    Hello everyone o7

    I have been playing and testing MMORPGs since 1997, being Ultima Online my first big online game. I'm part of an spanish gaming community who loves to play tabletop rpg and MMOs. I'm here looking to find a new virtual world and enjoy a new journey.

    Kind regards.
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