increase Strength and Endurance and Dextery

Discussion in 'Fuer die Spieler' started by JoeMcFly, Feb 22, 2023.

  1. JoeMcFly

    JoeMcFly Bard ROG Club

    Feb 17, 2023
    how can I increase Strength and Endurance and Dextery?
  2. SongoguPL

    SongoguPL III degree of vocation ROG Club

    Jan 5, 2023
    you develop strength and dexterity by attacking enemies with sword (strength is better developed by attacking with 2h weapons, dexterity 1h)
    Accuracy is increased by attacking enemies with a crossbow
    Endurance by regenerating health (preferably let the stickman attack you and use "weak restore healt" powder, this is the fastest way to increase endurance)

    Come on tests now best to create a character in tavern and you get 20, 20 character + 250k talers + 12 tabula rasa
    (Tabula rasa is used to transfer skills, for example from stamina to strength)

    In addition, I recommend reading the Rathner user guide -