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    ᛗᚤᚱ - The Mýrmiðon Order

    An Order of devoted english, nordic, germanic and french speaking hardcore pvp warriors of the realm of Thraxir in the sandbox gaming worlds. Mythical warriors coming from Darkfall, Mortal Online, Life is feudal and more.

    They come from the greatest ancient spartan, norse and barbarian warriors. A Mortal typically equipped with a shield, longspear and axe. An old name bound with ancient histories and sagas about their greatest fortunes and achievements in the greatest Battles of the old world. Mythical Warriors coming from an age of war and chaos, bond for brotherhood and for reputation as warriors, they fight like a pack of Lions without pledging any fealty. Their loyalty was given only by respect to their kings, leaders, brothers and spears in battle. Yearning for great feats these heroic menn fought against Beasts and Gods ten times their size. It is said that Barbarian bloodline is running through their veins yet with a spartanic discipline and viking battlestyle, they live peacefully within the realm of Thraxir. Ready to fight in any battle or war with pleasure as it is there where they feel at ease and home. Death is for them only one step to come closer to their true form, to their true Spirit as Warmonger and Beast.

    The Order's battle unit is called Mýrvikings. They consist of devoted pvpers as warriors, raiders and soldiers in the skills of warfare. Led by the Rekaz - the chieftain of Thraxir, Mýrmiðeuz - Grand Master Myrmex Thraxvágr and by the Harjanaz - the marshal of Thraxir, Mýrmiðoz - Master Chidar Crusader.

    Initiates of the Order will be put through the Mýrmiðon Agoge. A hardcore pvp combat, weapon and war education system, made up by the principles of the way of the Spartan, Viking and Crusader to become an Elite.

    The Mýrmiðoz


    The Mýrmiðoz are the Warlords of the Mýrmiðon Order. Warriors who mostly come from great bloodlines of known mayors or chieftains, earned it with fame or proven in Battle. As military Commanders of Platoons with atleast 25 menn they follow the Harjanaz, Masters of the Mýrmiðon Order and the Mýrmiðeuz, the Grand Master of the Mýrmiðon Order. Their duty is build forts and keeps for the order and to train soldiers, brigands and mercenaries to elite warriors, to create their own proper Unit to protect and fight for the realm of Thraxir and for the glory and honor of the Mýrmiðon Order.

    Rekaz Mýrmiðeuz Myrmex Thraxvágr of Mýrborg
    Harjanaz Mýrmiðoz Chidar Crusader of Chimera



    Ranks and Structure

    Restricted to full fledged members only.

    Agoge of the Mýrmiðon Order

    (PvP, Warfare, Combat and Weapon Skill)

    The Mýrmiðon Agoge will have its own arena in Mýrborg, to train and prepare battle tactics for large-scale Warfare.


    The Mýrmiðon Agoge is the hardcore pvp combat, weapon and war education system of the Mýrmiðon Order. New Members of the order will have to enter the Agoge. The Mýrmillons, the Warmasters of the Agoge, teach three tiers and ways to the members to become elite warriors and a force to be reckoned with.
    The first tier, the way of the Crusader, how to behave in a unit, socialize and hunt as a pack. The second tier, the way of the Spartan, how to handle your weapon, survive by hunt or steal and overwhelm the stronger enemy. The third tier, the way of the Viking, how to fight in a warring unit, use the situation to your advantage and to channel skill in battle. Sagas will be told about those who have died a epic death.


    War and Raid Times


    The Mýrvíkings

    The Mýrvíkings is the main battle unit of the Mýrmiðon Order in sea-land war and raid times of the realm of Thraxir, aiming to gain reputation as warriors and to fight in battle the order will be mainly busy in making war ready preparations with ship or by land and to enter war wherever it can. They’ll be very active in raids and battles 24/7 led and organized by european and american players of the Mýrmiðoz, the Harjanaz and the Mýrmiðeuz. As we not fear to be far from home, the goods we bring back will tell our sagas to hope and shone.

    The Mýrmíðons

    As hardcore elite Warriors, they earned the title of honor as gladiators and battlemasters. They roam the world, freely seeking the challenge, grouped for random raids, for large-scale battles or simple conflicts. There are legendary tales told of some of em and their feats in the world. They represent the order worldwide with their life and honor and are independent of any clan. Most of them follow the Mýrmiðeuz and the Harjanaz to enter great battles and earn even more reputation to rise in ranks to one day lead their own force.

    Peace Times

    In peaceful times the Order devotes itself further in combat activities by raids and warfare and in training for prestige, fame and honor. Some of the members will help construct the realm and help where is needed as Artisans or Sellswords. Most of them will stay devoted Warriors to prepare for the next coming War. We aim to follow hardcore into the crafting systems of this game and to help where is needed. We fight, we aid, we die.

    Coat of Arm and Banner


    The coat of arm and banner of our Order is a black longspear surrounded by black Wings. Black stands for our immunity and consistency in Battle. Silver white stands for our people, realm, honor, loyalty and protection. Adorned with gold standing for our ambition and strength.

    Sagas of the Mýrmiðon Order

    Yet to tell. We go by many names.

    The Myth of the Mýrmiðon Order

    It is said the in the ancient old world, a northern god of war named Tiwaz had listened to the request of Aeacus, a simple mann in the old world who was known in the art of living. He was a very devoted mann to the spirits and gods and thus one day, Tiwaz, one of the war gods, decided to give new life to the ancient land of Thrax which got cursed by great Wars and natural disasters of his brothers and sisters, who did only care about their own dynasties and none of these of the mortals. Thus Tiwaz formed mortal menn in Thrax by using the last few of its surviving beings, the ants. As such, Aecus guides these new menn and formed a new settlement with his Warriors called Mýrborg, thus he became their king. It was said that Aecus baptized these men Mýrmiðon, which in the ancient language of the old world was said to be called ants man. Mýrborg withstood many dynasties, wars and battles in the old world of selene and it is said not even the cataclystic natures could ever damage it and it is said that the Mýrmiðon were a small but might group of warriors who withstood any siege and defeated any enemy. The Mýrmiðon Myth was born, told and given on until it reached the new world of selene, in the deep northern lands where epic spirits and guardians slumber waiting for a new revival in the settlement of Mýrborg, in the new land of Thraxir.

    Community and Realm


    Click this text and join the Mýrmiðon Order, we come from the ᛏᚺᚱᚨᛪᛁᚱ - Thraxir Community. A small and tight group who grew up in the many hardcore sandbox games, mainly from Darkfall, Mortal Online, Atlas and Life is Feudal.

    Our Website: Thraxir.com


    We are a international server with english, german and french speaking players. Click this text to join.


    Click this text and join our server and community to become part of our realm and warrior order, if you seek the greatest pvp Challenges. Contact Myrmex, Krixos or Chidar in the Thraxir Server.


    - Most of us are from EU though we also have some NA players.
    - Basic English communication to come together as a guild and for leadership. Headset required.
    - Most of us are from Darkfall and Mortal online. Basic survival understanding is preferable.
    - Engagement in the Guild. Teamwork fostering. Brotherhood bonding. Helping those in need.
    - Death before Dishonor, we don't complain when lose stuff on death, get your big trousers on.
    - Challenge yourself and others, no zerging. Aim to get a healthy attitude towards gaming and to progress in your skill.
    - Be open for advices, listen to your Leaders.
    - We fight, we aid, we die.
    - You're welcome if you seek the Challenge and are open to learn more.
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