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    [ᛗᚤᚱ] - MÝRMIÐON - [MÝR]
    Veteran Warriors who have risen from the ashes of the fort Mýrborg, to bring back its former glory.

    PvP Battle hardened viking and spartan veteran Warriors of large-scale Battles of the Realm of Thraxir, coming from several Conquests known under different names throughout Ultima-, Darkfall- and Mortal Online, Life is Feudal, Atlas and Last Oasis.
    Veterans and new Players alike under one banner to seek the thrill of Battle and Challenge. We are a small hardcore family type of Guild with selective recruitment. A mercenary PvX Brigade in the World of Reign of Guilds. Warriors, Vikings and Mercenaries led by chieftain - rekaz Myrmex Thraxvágr.
    We primarily aim to have fun, seek the challenge, PvE for true PvP, battle for gold or valor and participate as much as we can in any War and Event there is. Death before Dishonor. For Blood and Honor. We aid, we fight, we die. Valhöll is our. God wills it.

    - Most of us are from EU and NA. We speak EN, FR and DE.
    - Basic English communication to come together as a guild and for leadership. Headset required.
    - Most of us are from Darkfall, Mortal online, Atlas, LiF and LO. Basic survival understanding is preferable.
    - Engagement in the Guild. Teamwork fostering. Brotherhood bonding. Helping those in need.
    - Death before Dishonor. We don't leave our comrades behind. We don't complain when lose stuff on death, get your big trousers on.
    - Challenge yourself and others, no zerging. Aim to get a healthy attitude towards gaming and to progress in your skill.
    - Be open for advices, listen to your Leaders.
    - We fight, we aid, we die.
    - Our mission is to become a mercenary Brigade therefore we train hard to gain gold for our skill in battle.
    - You're welcome if you seek the Challenge, Adventure and are open to learn more.

    Server: https://discord.gg/cZkmQDV
    Website: www.thraxir.com




    Honor is not comfortable.
    It demands all you have,
    All you are, all you can do.
    It wraps you like a chain
    That you may only shuffle where others run
    And yet that chain will bear you up
    When others trip and fall.
    It limits you, like the loss of a limb;
    You reach, and fall ever short,
    Brought up by honor's limitation,
    And yet this limiting hones you sharper,
    Like a tool that must be ground down to work.
    As every sharpening removes some of you.
    O Lord of Honor, you whose name
    Invoked, seals bargains without
    A thought of cheating, you whose
    Word is law and law is will,
    You who are never afraid
    To do what must needs be done
    Even when there is no question
    That there will be great loss,
    May we all have half the steel
    That lies in you, O warrior one-handed,
    In your spine, in your hand,
    And in your soul.

    THRAXIR COMMUNITY: thraxir.com
    Our gaming community is called Thraxir, sons of the war god Tyr. We grow by each War we take part in. We have been known under different names all over the sandbox Worlds. In Thraxir we house as a primarly hardcore PvP CLAN. Inspired by the Spartans, Vikings and Crusaders.


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    What an Epic Post, are you getting paid for that?
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    Unfortunately not, ha! Thanks bro