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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Diamay, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Diamay

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    Jan 17, 2018
    Do you want to know more about the prison in King's County?

    We are planning to introduce the prison as an instance with some prison cells and banned characters into it. Normal players could visit the prison and see that banned characters with the reason of their ban.

    The prison also could be the center of various events.

    Share your feedback and suggestions about this!

    P.S. We’ve jotted down results of last discussion on kind of materials you want to see more in future and ready to share last update on that with you already: new concept art on the prison.

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  2. Baeyer

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    Jan 21, 2020
    Not sure about the idea for banned players but... I could see putting suspended players in the jail cell and muting them so that every time they log in they are muted and stuck in a jail cell. You could even let us throw rotten tomatoes at them.