Dec 2017: Forum and website changes

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    Dec 5, 2017
    Dear adventurers!

    Regin of Guilds is community driven project where we share our ideas with you and always glad to hear your opinion about concepts, mechanics and different aspects.

    Players can be sure that the most brilliant ideas of our community will be implemented into the game and our prototype that you can check out already.

    In december we've made lots of improvements in our game and we would like to share them with you:


    • You can now choose and switch language (RU/EN);
    • We changed some info on our contacts page;
    • Ingame rating was separated as cruicial index of in-game activity;
    • If you have any question about the game, you can now check out our new FAQ page. Though it is still in progress so more stuff like combat system are to come;
    • Our Concept page was also improved a bit;
    • Some minor front-end improvements were made.

    • Forum is now packed with Ru and En topics;
    • We've added chat so you could find friends and share your thoughts - you are always welcome there;
    • On the right side of the screen on forum one can notice new window - Popular topics;
    • You can now hide chosen categories ("Administration/Администрация, русскоязычный форум, English speaking forum").
    This is just a beginning

    We are always looking into your feedback and improving different aspects of the game. So if you have any thoughts, feedback or ideas, don't forget to share them.

    Oh, almost forgot: If you ever feel bored or lonely, join our Discord for a nice chat with comrades.

    Watch our new video, join our VK and Facebook.
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