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    Ashenfell is an ever growing community that play multiple games. We're very interested in being a big influence on Reign of Guilds and will aim to be a big driving force within the game.


    Ashenfell is an international guild that plays multiple MMORPG's. We have a heavy focus on the PVP element of games and are one of the most active guilds in the MMORPG community.

    Ashenfell prides itself on being some of the most skilled and organised PVPers on MMORPG's with many members having many years of experience with MMORPG games like Life is Feudal: Your Own, Life is Feudal: MMO, WoW, Gloria Victus and Atlas to name a few.

 - A Twitch Streamer called us D!*@heads, so we camped his Flight Path.

    Do you want to join Ashenfell?
    Ashenfell has a very selective recruiting process. If you are someone that enjoys PVP and is willing to try and get even better than they already are. Make an application today!


    Ashenfell recruitment discord:

    If you want to join Ashenfell for Reign of Guilds message Cukees#3979 , Bluedrake#6211, Beric#4653

    Name: Cukees
    Forum name: Cukees
    Discord: Cukees#3979

    Why do you want to join?
    - Give your own reason

    What do you want to do most in game?
    - PVP , PvE , Both
    - If Both, which are you more inclined to do, PvE or PvP

    What PvP Class do you prefer to play?
    Sword and Shield , Archer , 2H Weapon, Inquisitor(Mage)

    What do you expect from the guild?
    - What you expect
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